Paint brushes

26 Apr

A paint brush is made up off three basic components the bristles are used to transfer the paint onto the area being painted .

The ferrule is the part off the paint brush that holds the bristles in place and keeps the bristles attached to the paint brush handle .

The handle off the brush is basically a interface between the painter and decorator and the tool.The paint brushes used by professional painters and decorators are very different from the brushes used by artists whose brushes are designed for detail. The paint brushes used by professional tradesmen painters are designed for applying a even coat to larger areas such as walls and ceilings .

There are also various types off  paint brush handles which would be recognised internationally by professional painting contractors.The Gourd handle has been designed with ergonomics in mind and reduces stress and fatigue on the tradesmans hands .

Another common paint brush used by painting contractors worldwide is the short handle paint brush .This paint brush is designed to give far more precision and is commonly used by painters for cutting in ceilings and walls .

The flat beavertail brush is designed more curved giving a much more comfortable fit to the while the contractor is working .

The sash handle paint brush is a bevelled brush with no corners this paint brush is commonly used in the painting off sash windows as the shape off the brush allows the painter get into difficult areas .

A common mistake made by diy painters is having the wrong size paintbrush to achieve a professional finish reccomends buying a good selection off different size paint brushes .Some common brushes used daily by our contractors would be the angled brush used for cutting in ceiling and walls ,the flat paint brush is for general  painting and decorating .A tapered paint brush will give the user much more precision in difficult to paint areas 

The paint brush bristles used by professional painters and decorators is also another critical factor in achieving  a high quality finish and are chosen for specific jobs and different types off paints varnishes and other substances that are applied with a paint brush .

There are two main types off bristles used by professional painters and decorators .They will usually be a synthetic bristle or a natural bristle .Synthetic bristles are usually a mix off polyestor and nylon but can also be a combination off both .Synthetic paint brushes will generally last longer than natural fibre brushes .Using a synthetic brush will usually give a much better finish if used with water based paints and varnishes.

A natural bristle hair brush will generally give a better finish if used with oil based paints .

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