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31 Mar

A QUICK QUIDE TO PAINTING YOUR OWN KITCHEN CABINETS BY WWW.DUBLINPAINTERS.NET  .  Sometimes you dont need to replace your old kitchen .When a few coats off paint and a little bit off hard work can transform your old kitchen into a bright modern kitchen and at the same time save you thousands off euro.        

 So lets get on with it you will need to empty all the contents from your kitchen cabinets .The next step will be to remove all handles knobs and hinges from your cabinets .We reccomend using a good quality masking tape to mask all areas that will need protecting .   TIP dont buy cheapest masking tape as this will be very hard to remove later without damaging the paint .Dont rush and take your time when doing prep work as the most important part off any painting job is the preparation work .

 We  now have everything masked up and protected .We can move on to the next stage and a really important  stage the cleaning .For this you will need to be methodical and use a good quality sugar soap and degreaser .I cant stress enough how important it is to make sure its spotless clean .

 We can now move onto the priming ie our first coats off paint ,but before we do this there is still some preparation work to be done .Our cabinets are now fully dried after our cleaning ,we can now start filling any damage and caulking the joints .Tip dont apply too much filler as this will be harder to sand later .

 Our cabinets are now washed degreased filled caulked and ready to prime .For this we reccomend only one primer and that is B I N primer it is made by zinnser .IT  can be bought any hardware or paint shop.  You may need to apply severa lcoats off primer before youre cabinets are ready for a final coat off paint .

 Finally were ready to move on to the last stage .You can use water based acrylic paints or oil based paints .My own preferance is oil based paints ,but thats just from my own experiences .A paint i would reccomend is the range from

TIP: Remember several thin coats off paint is always better than a few heavy coats .If you want to get a fantastic finish i would reccomend adding owatrol oil to your paint .This will make a huge difference it is a paint conditioner which will thin the paint out and give you a greater brush flow and you will get a flawless finish . 

A final TIP: Since you already have the nobs and handles removed maybe now is the time to change them for something more modern .This will transform the look of your new kitchen . 


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