varnishing wooden floors

23 Apr

Restoring your old wooden floors can transform a room .Items you will need ,a large belt sander which can be hired out in any good tool hire shop you will also need a small handheld sander to get around the edges and corners .                         Several types off sandpaper rough medium and fine grit.  

Varnish which can be oil based or water based .

Good quality masking tape .


Paint brush.

A claw hammer .

Flooring nail.

Wood filler .

Safety glasses.

Dust mask.

Vacum cleaner.

The first thing that will need to be done is the room will need to  be cleared off all furniture  and other items such as televisions which can be damaged by the dust generated by the belt sander .

The next step will be to inspect the wooden floor for damage ,loose floor boards holes etc.

This will require a hammer and punch as all existing nails will need to be punched down before sanding can commence. At this stage we can now start filling any holes or damage . The floor  should not be sanded before the filler has fully hardened .

We can now move onto the sanding off the floor boards .You will need to  sand in the direction off the grain using the belt sander  with a rough sandpaper to start with .You may need to go over the floor several times before you change over to medium grit sandpaper and finally onto a fine grit sandpaper .

The floor must be hoovered very carefully to make sure  no dust remains.At this stage we will need to wipe the floor with a damp cloth .

The floor must be allowed to fully dry before the varnish or stain can be applied.

It is very important to keep a wet edge when using a roller  to apply the varnish .

Allow the varnish to fully dry in between coats .It may take several coats off varnish to achieve the  desired finish .

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